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    Dashboards and KPIs
    Web based and user-friendly OLAP Analysis Reports.
    Self-Service BI based on CSV files or SQL queries.
    KPIs & Dashboards based on OLAP, SQL or CSV data.

Connect to OLAP databases or create Self-Service BI models based on CSV files and SQL query results to visualize and analyze your data!

Create awesome business dashboards and data analysis!

Kyubit BI tools are designed as web-based platform that will help you create and organize your BI content.
After the 30-days evaluation period, request free 'Personal Edtion' license or purchase full version to collaborate and share your Dashboards and Analyses with other users and all product features.

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Customer Support

Contact us on support@kyubit.com for assistance, questions or comments on Kyubit Business Intelligence in evaluation or production usage.

Product Manuals

Read usage details documentation with product manuals for installation and administration, OLAP analysis manual and Dashboard user manual.


Watch Kyubit BI Tools Videos overview on our site or Kyubit channel on YouTube, showing most interesting features of Kyubit BI product in action.

Product Updates

Check product most recent updates with the list of new features and bug fixes. Product upgrades are expected every three months. Latest release 4.1.7

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Features Sheet

Check product Features Sheet page to discover all points of Kyubit BI Tools usage, which also serves as good product possibilities reminder.

Download Dashboard Software


Download latest available version of KYUBIT Business Intelligence. Download and setup will take a few minutes of your time. Send us your feedback on Kyubit BI impressions.

OLAP Analysis in your browser

Kyubit Business Intelligence delivers comprehensive OLAP analysis for your Multidimensional and Tabular models within your browser with fast asynchronous responses and intuitive user interface. Quick product setup, OLAP standard analytic features, visual analysis, OLAP Reports, and OLAP Scheduled Reports subscriptions are key features of Kyubit Business Intelligence.

Convert your analysis to PDF or Excel file, share with your team or subscribe to fresh data at the scheduled time. Analyze OLAP data with descriptive Grid view or visual Chart view.

OLAP client, OLAP analysis, OLAP Reports

OLAP client, OLAP analysis

Self-Service BI with Kyubit

Creation of Analytic Models in several simple steps from data in CSV files (delimited) or SQL query results. Drag-and-drop user-friendly creation of analysis, reports, and dashboards based on OLAP data or 'Analytic Models'.

Easy to learn process of Self-Service BI (data modeling, analysis and visualization), each end-user can adopt with no special training or BI skills.

Interactive Dashboards

Dashboard Tools to create important insights based on data from your SQL and OLAP databases are quickly designed to present most valuable information from your business environment. Use Kyubit Dashboard Software to create KPI or Gauge Metrics, 20 different dashboard visualizations, interactive dashboard filters, and OLAP actions or collaborate using comments with your team.

Share Dashboards with your team, subscribe to Dashboards and receive at the scheduled time.
Apply dashboard filters, enlarge dashboards tiles, convert dashboard to PDF file.

Dashboard Tools

OLAP client, OLAP analysis

Mobile BI with Kyubit

Access Interactive Dashboards and OLAP Features with your mobile devices. Mobile BI features with Kyubit software are accessible using modern web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) and mobile web browsers. Connect to your Business Intelligence content with Kyubit application published on the Internet or use local intranet wireless connection.

All charts and other dashboard visualizations are available on mobile view, while OLAP data-based chart offers additional analytic features.

Embedded BI features

Embedded BI and Embedded Analytics within your environment to use the power of data analysis and visualizations, working together with your application requirements.

Use HTML/Javascript level embedded analytics options to bring Kyubit features to your site.
Find out all embedded BI possibilities on our website or contact us for specific integration options.

Embedded BI, Embedded Analytics

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