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'Kyubit Business Intelligence' is a web based OLAP analysis software designed for MS Analysis Services business intelligence environment (Multidimensional and Tabular models), OLAP data analysis, interactive visualization, sharing and integration of OLAP data.

Analysis with Kyubit OLAP Tools

'Kyubit Business Intelligence' is set of web based OLAP Tools designed for MS Analysis Services environment (SSAS) with features to analyze, visualize, share and integrate OLAP data. Quick and simple installation, rich and interactive analysis are some of most popular remarks for Kyubit OLAP analysis software. Kyubit Business Intelligence OLAP Tools includes ad hoc OLAP analysis within OLAP grid or OLAP chart and makes essential analysis operations very easy and intuitive.

Analyze your OLAP data with 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' advanced web based OLAP tools

OLAP tools

Quick tour on Kyubit OLAP Tools and features

Quick Setup

It takes few minutes to download, install and utilize Kyubit OLAP Tools.

Grid Analysis

Powerful 2-axes, multi-measure, intuitive OLAP grid analysis.

Chart (Visual) Analysis

Interactive charts for OLAP analysis and visualization with Kyubit OLAP Tools.

Drag-and-drop experience

Easy to adopt, intuitive, drag-and-drop user experience.


Share analysis with colleagues on your intranet.

Dynamic drillthrough

Dynamically define drillthrough columns to show while drillthrough with OLAP tools.


Export your analysis to Excel and PDF.


Create OLAP report scheduled subscriptions to existing analysis.


OLAP report data integration with other web application (SharePoint).

Use on Dashboards

Use created OLAP analysis to present your OLAP data on Dashboard.

OLAP tools, OLAP analysis

Drag-and-drop OLAP elements for analysis

OLAP analysis software User interface and interaction are important part of 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' and OLAP tools usage for end users. Drag-and-drop any OLAP element to analysis area to start OLAP analysis. Dimensions, hierarchies, levels, measures, named set, user calculated measures are easily being dropped to analysis screen.

Drill-down, drillthrough, slicing ...

OLAP analysis software 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' application supports variety of standard OLAP operations for analytic purposes. Analyzing multiple measures with categories and series, drill down members, filtering and slicing, expand-collapse members, drill through for additional details, pivot categories and series, sorting members of dimension levels with advanced options, level filtering etc.

Visual analysis on charts

OLAP visual analysis While analyzing OLAP data with Kyubit OLAP tools, it is possible to switch to visual analysis with chart at any time or go back to grid analysis. With charts analysis, user selects chart elements for additional OLAP operations and see results as new chart immediately. There are number of different chart types that are appropriate for certain analysis type, while 3D chart types visually enhance analysis experience.

Share analysis reports with colleagues

OLAP analysis share After analysis is created with Kyubit OLAP tools, it is ideal point of share with other users for analytic or reporting purposes. Security concept allows analysis to be shared with other Active Directory (or local machine) users and groups. 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' impersonates current user, so particular user will see OLAP content for which current user has permissions in OLAP database within SSAS environment.

Schedule analysis report subscriptions

OLAP analysis subscriptions 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' users could be subscribed to created analyses and reports, and receive email with analysis at the scheduled time. 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' has its own Subscription service that is handling subscriptions within a scheduled period. Subscription will deliver embedded analysis within email message or link to Analysis report on 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' site.

Get started with Kyubit OLAP Tools

Dashboards download Download 30 days evaluation of 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' and its OLAP tools and try OLAP analysis features in action.
It is a simple and quick installation that will bring all features unlocked in evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.
Download 'Kyubit Business Intelligence OLAP analysis - User Manual' which covers all aspects of OLAP tools usage.