Geo Data Analysis on Dashboards

Use Geo map tiles to present OLAP and SQL geographical related data on your dashboard with options to enlarge Geo map view or drill down Geo data to child Geo map.

Drill down Geo map data

If Geo map use OLAP data, Geo map tile has option to drill down geo map areas to its child geo map representation. Contintens are drill down to countries, countries are drill down to regions. Analyzing geo data on dashboard becomes perceptual and comprehensive. Within few clicks users isolates and observes data in geographical form, that could be easly exported to PDF file or share with other users.

Available Geo maps

With every new version of Kyubit Business Intelligence application, more countries and regions are available to use by Geo Maps feauture on the dashboards. All Continents and bigest countries with their regions are available, but also Kyubit will provide Geo maps for other countries and regions of your interest. Please, contact us for more details when country or region of your interest will be available.

Currently available maps: Contintents, World, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, USA, Russia, India, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Thailand and Ohio State (US).
More countries and regions are expected soon.
Check latest section of Dashboards user manual to see all countries/regions and codes and names that could be used to render SQL and OLAP data.